1. Mystery

From the recording Cheyanna

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Hard to explain
things I do or say
Yeah, you called me strange
cuz I act this way

All the changes
we go through
Say that just
confuses you

You're a mystery
that's what you said to me, yeah
But there's a history
between you and me, yeah

Say you know me well
then say I'm hard to read
You can't always tell
but I wear it on my sleeve

Said you can
second guess my mood
and yeah,
sometimes that might be true

You're a mystery
it's what you say to me, yeah
Not sure what you see
I know it isn't me, yeah

Hard to explain
things so hard to say
Words only seem
to just get in the way

When you called us friends
I looked away
Hard to pretend
that's all I feel today

You're everything to me
tell me, what were we? yeah
It's a mystery
but it was real to me, yeah

It's a mystery
tell me, what were we? yeah
It's a mystery
so tell me now, tell me