Chey Acuna

Indie rock with layered guitars, keyboards and drums, somewhat on the dark side.

Cheyanna is the third release from indie rock artist Chey Acuna (pronounced Shy A-coon-ya). Co-produced with guitarist/engineer Robi Banerji (Rolling Stones, U2), the album chronicles her reaction to life's unexpected twists and turns. With a dark, rock sound that could be described as alternative with goth overtones, Chey explores the contradictions of human nature. Banerji's chiming guitars are complemented by multi-layered keyboards provided by Dave Schulz (Berlin, Goo Goo Dolls), overlaid over Rob Taylor's rock-solid drumbeat. The tone of the album is both reflective and personal. As she explains, "When I write it's because someone or something has affected me emotionally--when I feel something, I write."

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